Journal of Nursing Today:A peer reviewed journal dedicated to Nursing Science and Practice

Journal of Nursing Today
(A peer reviewed journal dedicated to Nursing Science and Practice)

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Volume 16 Issue 1
(30th May 2023)

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Journal of Nursing Today covers the practice, research, policy roles of nurses with baccalaureate/graduate, Master's and Ph.D. degrees. Reports of original work, research, reviews focusing mainly on professional nursing are published. It provides an opportunity for dissemination of  original research about health care delivery, organization, management, workforce, policy and research methods relevant to nursing, midwifery and other health related professions. The journal aims to support and publish evidenced based information in the form of research, systematic and other scholarly reviews, critical discussion, and commentary of the highest standard.

The journal is oriented to publish studies that aim to evaluate and understand complex health care interventions and health policies and which employ the most rigorous designs and methods appropriate for the research question of interest. The journal also seeks to advance the quality of research by publishing methodological papers introducing or elaborating on analytic techniques, measures, and research methods.


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          Manuscripts Invited for Volume 16 Issue 2, 2023

Volume 16 Issue 1, 2023

Releasing on 30th May, 2023

Volume 16 Issue 2, 2023


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The opinions or views expressed on this webcast and in the journal articles are those of the presenters/authors and do not reflect the opinions and recommendations of the publisher, journal, guest editors, or supporters. Articles may discuss pharmaceutical or ayurvedic products and/or use of products that have not been approved by the any regulatory authorities inside India or outside India. Dosages, indication, and methods of use for compounds that are referred to by the presenters/authors may reflect their clinical experience or may be derived from the professional literature or other sources. For approved product information, consult the manufacturer's prescribing information or the applicable regulatory authority. Jurisdiction. The parties submit all their disputes arising out of or in connection with this Journal to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Nadiad, Gujarat, India.

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